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Quilt with a Spin

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The book, Quilts with a Spin, began with an interest in circular motion - not the kind that makes you dizzy, but rather the visual rhythm that circular designs display.

Don't you want the person viewing your quilt to stop and watch it for a while? A quilt that is entertaining to the eye will stop traffic. Circular designs keep your eyes busy following the interaction of the curved lines. They are fun to look at!

So, feel the circular rhythm! Play with color! But most of all - have some fun with these designs!

Quilts With A Spin is available in a print-on-demand format. Click the order button below and you will be taken directly to the C&T page where you can order this book.


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Everyday Best (73 x 73), changes to Empress Feathers (66 x 66).

Note: Everyday Best is also available as a stand-along ePattern. Click here.

Click here to see more quilts from this book.