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Welcome to the North Pole


Excerpted from an email:

Hi Becky,

I have several of your books; love them and especially “Welcome to the NorthPole”! I am in a mini group of 7 that began with that book. Our then local quilt shop had a class based on that book, but before the class was over the shop closed. We finished out the class next door at the township hall and when we were finished we’d had so much fun we wanted to continue to get together and that was 14 years ago.

It is by far, hands down, my all time favorite quilt book. I am making one for my brother for Christmas next year—I don’t know of anyone who loves Christmas more than he does.

Thank you for another one of your adorable designs and I hope you continue your great work. Thanks a lot!

Don't you just love the idea of the North Pole! We can see it - festive, happy building full of bustling, busy elves. Make the quilt as it is shown on the cover or mix and match the different blocks on the table runners, wall quilts, garments - whatever works for you.

The instructions for the small quilts, below, are in this book along with the instructions for the cover qult.

Let your creativity and imagination run wild. Create your very own special Christmas quilt. This 48-page book is a Christmas classic!

$16.95 Welcome to the North Pole Book


The Elves Are Busy Tonight (38" x 14 1/2")

1225 North Pole Lane (27 1/2" x 15")

Welcome to the North Pole (40" x 52")

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