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The Essential Sandboard - designed by us, for you!

This is the sandboard that Linda and I designed and C&T produced. The sandpaper is smooth, not coarse, which makes it so much easier to trace against. It is lightweight, but firm, measuring 11" x 14 3/4". I use this board every day - on my lap at night and on the table when I am tracing onto fabric.

The back is white. It is smooth, but not slick, so it stays in place well on your table or lap. Use this side when you need a firm, light surface to write on or trace against.

There is a free pattern to make a zippered pouch that this board fits into perfectly. Click here for that. Click here to see a video about this sandboard.

NOTE: The sandboard won't fit in a flat rate box. Shipping in the US will be approx $10.95, $26 to Canada, and $36 everywhere else. More than one thing will fit in the box, up to 2 lbs.



A tip from Linda: Take a 2nd sheet of sand paper and buff the sandpaper side of your new board. It makes it even better.

Travel Sandboard

This 9" x 10 1/2" sandboard is good for those times when you need a small board to carry with you. (FYI - it fits inside the new Applique Caddy.)

Smooth black sandpaper is mounted on masonite. The corners are rounded to help it glide into your project bag

As we do with every sandboard, I sanded mine with another sheet of sandpaper to make it even smoother.




You'll want to know more about this than I can write here so I've put these on their own page. Click here for more info.



Quilter's Clamps

Originally intended to use with long-arms, the clamp is made from a mostly rigid, orange, heavy-duty plastic and it has an interesting flange on the side. You know what? You can hang things from that flange!

The plastic stretches to fit around most tables. The tips of each side of the clamp are not slick and to help keep them in place and to help protect the surface of your table.

I will probably use them to help hold quilt layers in place on my table when I baste but I think having just one in a class would be very handy to hang your trash bag from. Way better than a paper bag taped to the table!



Self-Adhesive Laminate for Templates

We use this product to make our templates. Each sheet of plastic is sticky on one side - peel off the backing and stick it to the paper copies of your pattern to make templates. It's great!

Instructions included.

10 sheets for $9.00


NEW! Sewline Trio Pencil

This new pencil from Sewline comes with white, black/gray, and pink 0.9 mm chalks. It is handy to have three colors in one pencil! The pencil comes loaded with one lead in each color.

Click here for details on how this pencil works. It is worth the few minutes it takes to watch the video.

I will use the white and gray more often, but it may be handy to have the pink for those rare cases where nothing else will work.



Sewline 9mm Mechanical Pencil with white chalk

This pencil uses a soft 9mm water soluble chalk to make a line you can see that isn't too thick. The chalk is firm enough not to break as you draw on fabric.

As near as I can tell the only difference between this pencil and the Bohin, below, is the pencil itself. The Sewline feels nicer in the hand and is easier to refill. However, they both use the same 9mm refills.

You might want to order two pencils so that you don't have to keep changing the color of chalk as you work.

$13.95 - Sewline Pencil with White Chalk included


$6.50 - 9mm White Sewline Refills


$6.50 - 9mm Gray/Black Sewline Refills - Use a light touch to make line that you can see on lighter fabric.



2 White Charcoal Pencils and a Sharpener by General's

This is our favorite white chalk pencil. It makes a line that you can see and it brushes off well. It sharpens to a nice point. (Note: if your pencil breaks every time you sharpen it you probably need a new sharpener.)

$3.10 for 2 Pencils and a Sharpener


White Charcoal Pencil by General's

If you only need one pencil...

$1.50 each


Pencil Sharpener by General's

Have you ever had a chalk pencil that breaks every time you sharpen it? One thing that can cause that to happen is a dull sharpener. This is a wonderful pencil sharpener with openings for both large and small pencils.



Sewline Glue Pen

I finally found a use for glue! I'm using this glue pen to baste the seam allownces to the paper in English paper piecing. It works, it's fast, and I love it!

Run the glue along the edge of the paper, not the fabric. Fold the fabric over the edge of the paper and onto the glued area. The glue comes in blue, pink, or yellow but it dries clear. Once dry, it holds the fabric securely but it also releases with little effort. Click here for a how-to video.



Sewline Glue Pen Refills

Each package has 2 cartridges.



Yo Yo Makers by Clover

This tool makes yo yo-making a snap! I am appliqueing my yo yos—they make great flower centers!

If you've always wondered how this tool works, I made a video. Click here.

I have them in four sizes.

$5.50 — Small Yo Yo Maker (finished size approximately 1 1/4" wide)


$5.95 — Large Yo Yo Maker (finished size approximately 1 3/4" wide)


$6.50 — Extra Large Yo Yo Maker (finished size approximately 2 3/8" wide)


$8.95 — Jumbo Yo Yo Maker (finished size approximately 3 1/2" wide)


Soft Touch Thread Pick

This is the perfect tool for those times when you have a stray thread shadowing through your quilt top - use this dandy tool to grab and move it!

The working end easily slips through fabric, leaving no marks or punctures. The tiny little hook on the end grabs the threads but doesn't catch the fabric when you pull it out. (FYI - great for fixing those pesky thread pulls in knitted fabric.)


Soft Touch Thread Pick



Quilter's Applique Caddy

One of the most appealing aspects of applique is that it is portable. You can applique almost anywhere. But it can be a challenge to figure out how to carry your block - and all those applique pieces - from place to place without messing them up or losing them.

We are happy to be able to share our system for storing and carrying applique blocks in progress. And since a video is worth a thousand printed words, click here to see how it works.

$14.95 for one caddy with 3 folios


NOTE: The travel sandboard fits inside this pouch!

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

This set includes 2 small hexies for your smart phone and a slightly larger one for a tablet. They have a static cling back and can be stuck to the back of your device, keeping them always handy when your screen is icky. There is a larger cloth for cleaning your glasses or other screen.

Cute and useful and only...