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Super Bobs - Bright Collection


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The sturdy see-through box comes with 25 bright colors of 50 wt. Superior's Masterpiece 100% cotton, 2-ply thread wound on plastic bobbins.

I love this thread because it is perfect for hand appliqué! I like to work from thread wound onto bobbins because they are small and lightweight, making it easy to carry many colors with you. 

Super Bobs Cotton are prewound bobbins that are filled with MasterPiece Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton thread. These bobbins hold 30-60% more thread than a self-wound bobbin. Click here to open a color number chart that you can place in the lid of your box. It will help when you need to order more bobbins. Watch the video for a great tip.

These are L-style bobbins. Click here to see if these bobbins will work in your sewing machine.

Please note that Masterpiece on the larger spools and cones is a 3-ply thread, too thick for hand applique. For applique, use the 2-ply Masterpiece that comes only on bobbins.

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