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Essential Basics Applique Set


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Here's what's in this basic kit and why you need each of these handy dandy tools:

  • The Best Sandboard is used to hold fabric in place as you trace. Later, place your background on the sandboard to hold it flat as you position and pin applique pieces to the block.
  • 2 White General's Charcoal Pencils come in a set with a sharpener. This is my most favorite pencil!
  • KAI's 4 3/4" serrated scissor cuts crisply and precisely—the serrated blade controls the cutting action. The grip is comfortable for all hand sizes. This is a very affordable pair of scissors that works when you cut both large and small shapes. (When you are ready for an even better pair of scissors, consider both the small and mid-size professional scissors made my KAI.)
  • The Easy Needle Threader is a must-have, even if you can (mostly) thread your needles because it speeds up the process. who wants to spend extra time and frustration when there is a dandy solution to the problem!
  • the #11 Applique Needle by Tulip is fine and a little bit flexible. It is my go-to needle. That said, you may want a longer, or thicker, or bigger needle and that's fine too. Click here to find even more needles.
  • The Bright Bobbin Set has 25 bobbins filled with  2-ply, 100% cotton, 50 weight Masterpiece thread from Superior. This is the thread I use in my own applique. There is also a set with softer colors.

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