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Sewline Aqua Eraser Pen


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Aqua Eraser Pen works sort of like a fountain pen, except that you fill the reservoir with water or other trusted stain remover. Your finger pressure allows liquid to flow into the soft fiber point. By lightly dabbing or running this point along the line or mark, the special point absorbs the mark you hope to remove. When the point of the Aqua Eraser becomes discolored, simply pull it out and slip in a new point (available separately).

I credit Sue Spargo with this idea. She recently showed a Sewline Aqua Erase Pen filled with water and Soak to remove chalk lines on wool. Brilliant, right?

I don't usually need to remove pencil or chalk marks so this pen did not appeal to me at first. But then I thought about how hard it is to remove a small spot of blood, ink, chocolate, or who-knows-what from fabric. With this pen, you can use any soap, detergent, or trusted stain remover that you think might work. You are in control.

My white bedspread had a brown, cat-related spot—a perfect stain to try this idea on. I loaded my Aqua Erase Pen with Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover and removed the spot with the spread still on the bed, without making a big wet mess. Yay!

Watch the video made by Sewline to see the pen in action.

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