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Blackwing Pencils - Soft - Box of 12


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This pencil writes with a soft, dark line and it feels unbelievably good against paper.

Blackwing pencils were introduced in the 1930s by Eberhard Faber. The brand changed hands a few times and in 1998 they were discontinued. Devoted fans paid premium prices for any pencil they could find until Palomino re-introduced Blackwing pencils a few years ago.

This Blackwing pencil has a matte black finish, a squared-off ferrule with a removable/replaceable black eraser.  

Sold in a pack of 12.

NOTE: Blackwing does not allow online retailers to sell pencils individually. Dang! I can sell them individually when I teach classes, in person. If the company finds a retailer violating their rules, they won’t sell to them anymore.

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