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Blackwing Volume 54 Limited Ed Pencils - Extra Firm - Box of 12


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Blackwing produces 4 new 'Volumes' each year, one per quarter. When they are gone, they are gone. I really like Volume 54! The orchid pencil color combined with the blue text and eraser makes me grin! Even better, the extra firm graphite is perfect on both paper and fabric.

Here's the story of how this particular Volume was designed:
Surrealist artists used an exercise known as Exquisite Corpse to create collaborative poems and works of art composed of pieced-together words and images. Blackwing used that same exercise to design this pencil.

First, Blackwing separated the pencil into five components (graphite, lacquer, imprint, ferrule, eraser). Then, they blindly selected the design for each component and assembled the results. The finished pencil features a rose barrel, teal imprint, silver ferrule, blue eraser and extra-firm graphite.

The number 54 is a nod to 54 rue due Chateau in Paris, the birthplace of Exquisite Corpse.

Sold in a pack of 12.