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Handcrafted Sewing Boxes


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My good friend, Jacquie Klassen, is a craftswoman who works with wood. She builds the most amazing furniture, cabinets, and so much more. Her love of wood and attention to detail is much the same as it is with us and quilting. I asked Jacquie if she could make a travel sewing box for me. Something small, but not too small, with a place to put bobbins or thread. She said sure she could!

Each box is unique and beautiful and, because of that, please do let us choose a box for you. If you have a very, very strong preference for light or dark wood please do write that in the comment section of your order, and we'll do our best, but we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate. We are limited by what we have in stock, and by the availability of the wood itself.

Jacquie is hand crafting these boxes in batches, and she travels. When I run out, it may be a little while before there are more boxes to ship. But if you do have to wait, trust me, it's worth it :-).

The thread groove holds 13 bobbins, or 2 spools of thread, or a spool and 7 bobbins. They stay put when the lid is closed. Just so you know, if you only have a few bobbins, they will fall on their sides and move out of position.

The box is just big enough to hold a small pair of scissors and a wide variety of small sewing notions. An Easy Threader fits on its side with the base along one long side of the box. The sliding lid can be removed left partially open. Boxes come with a book band for those times when you want to be sure the lid stays in place in your bag.

Box Dimensions: 5.75 x 4.75 x 2.1 inches

Susan Myrick sent this tip: The Handcrafted Sewing Box fits inside a Mini-Petite Yazzii Organizer that has had the pockets removed. How cool is that?!

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