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Quilting Gloves by Swan Amity - Medium


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The best part is the padding on the palm that keeps your hands and wrists in better position. for tabletop quilting. If you use a long arm, the padding reduces the vibration on your hands and arms. But wait! There's more!
  • Soft micro-suede palms hold the fabric without stress.
  • Breathable fabric on the back of the glove helps keep your hands cool. 
  • Touch Screen Compatible
  • 2 open fingers on each glove to provide tactile sensation
  • Adjustable Wrist
To find your size, measure from the tip of your index finger to the base of your palm, below your thumb. Don't go all the way to your wrist, as the wrist band goes there.

Use the measurements below as a guide. The gloves are a little stretchy. Think about whether you like your gloves tighter or looser and go from there. If you get the wrong size we can switch them out.
  • Petite - 6"
  • Small - 6 1/4"
  • Medium - 6 1/2"
  • Large - 6 3/4" and up

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