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The Quilter's Practical Guide To Color


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If color makes you nervous, this is the book for you! It is full of truly practical information for quilters of all skill levels. This is not a book that is full of 'color theory'. I don't want to imply that theory is bad, because it isn't—it's more that I wanted to write a book that had practical, easy-to-understand advice about how to use color.

The first half of the book is full of all sorts of color information that you may not have heard before. For instance, did you know that every quilt has a foreground and a background—even pieced quilts. Once you can see the underlying structure of a quilt, it is much easier to color.

There are 10 pieced and appliqued projects that I designed to focus on specific aspects of color. Most of these quilts are both quick and visually interesting. Click here to see additional pictures of the quilts in the book.

Here's a quick video tutorial of me explaining just one of the many things you will learn in this book...

Here's what some people have said:

"I found your Practical Guide to Color in our local library. It's riveting! Thank you for answering every question I have rattling through my brain and for this new found confidence I have in possibly attempting appliqué. Been quilting for over 20 years; sewing for over 40. I can do this! Thank you! Oh, and I will be purchasing my own copy of the book! This copy will be dog-eared by the time I return it!" — Joanne W.

"Becky has “knocked it out of the ballpark� with this comprehensive, yet super user-friendly book about color, making it a must-have for every quilter’s library. Her approachable text and striking visuals combine seamlessly to produce a clear understanding of how colors interact to create smashing quilts. Bravo, Becky!" — Alex Anderson

"Take the SCARY out of color planning and fabric selection by seeing and learning first hand from expert quilter Becky Goldsmith of Piece o' Cake designs. I have learned more about color and pushing the boundaries of color families and color relationships in my own quilts by studying Becky's quilts over the years. Becky taught me how important the right color choice really is. I love the content of this book. I will use it again and again and again to encourage me in giving my quilts the zing they need, and I will never fear color again!" — Bonnie K Hunter,


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