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The Ultimate Thread Guide


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Thread is what holds our fabric together so it is always important to choose the right thread for the job at hand. This amazing (yes, amazing!) reference guide features a handy thread use key (organized by thread manufacturer) that shows the most common uses for the wide variety of threads used by quilters and sewists. This valuable information will help you determine which thread is right for your project.

And there is so much more! You will read about ply, twist, how thread is made, matching needles with thread, the list goes on. Did you know that cotton and polyester are not enemies—they are just different, with different strengths and weaknesses. The more you know about these and other fibers (wool, silk, rayon, etc.), the easier it is to choose the right thread for the job at hand.

Did you know that there are 3 commonly used thread weight systems, but thread companies don't all use the same system? You can't rely on weight numbers to accurately represent thread thickness from company to company. There's a section in the book that explains thread weight systems and suggestions for how to compare threads.

The Thread Manufacturer section lists all of the threads made by a company, their fiber content, weight, suggested uses, and more. It is handy reference guide to take with you shopping.
There is an abundance of excellent thread available to us, made by reputable companies.

I hope you enjoy reading The Ultimate Thread Guide!

  • Learn about the most important features of specific threads (grouped by thread manufacturer)
  • On the go travel size — 5.25 x 9inches
  • Try out new products and new techniques with confidence
  • 64 pages

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